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Are you interested in becoming an official?

There are a wide range of officials that are required to run an approved swimming meet.  We need three Time Keepers per lane, a Chief Time Keeper, Inspectors of Turns, Judges of Strokes, Starter, Referee as well of many other helpers including recorders and marshalls.  

It is a very important role as without these officials at a meet it will not be approved by Swimming New Zealand, this would mean that times swum by competitors would not be able to be used for qualifying times to attend other regional or national meets.  That is why Swimming Taranaki values our volunteers so highly.

If you are interested in helping with any of these or becoming a qualified technical official you can approach your local club or Swimming Taranaki directly who will put you in touch with the appropriate Technical team member.


Technical Official Pathway

Technical Officials Guide - August 2016.pdf

Regional Officials Qualification - JOS Dec 2014 (ID 70782) (ID 70783).pdf

Regional Officials Qualification - Referee, Questions only - 13.11.09 (ID 34491).pdf

Regional Officials Qualification IOT Questions - Updated Letterhead.pdf

Regional Officials Qualification Starter Questions - Updated Letterhead.pdf 

Meet Approval Document with explanation of minimum officiating requirements for each swim meet Meet Approval Document (ID 102260).docx

Marshalling Guide.doc