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2021 Swim Camps

2021 Intermediate Swim Camp


Objective: To expose as many Taranaki swimmers and coaches as possible to top level coaching in our region.

Camp Purpose and outcomes: Emphasis on technique and skills required to make it to the senior level, introduction to daily dryland which is swimming specific and is an opportunity for team building as Taranaki swimmers.

Swimming Taranaki camp programs aims to enable swimmers to be exposed to top level coaching in our region and provide shared experiences and opportunities for skills to develop a sense of group cohesiveness, co-operation and tolerance.  We aim to enhance a sense of Taranaki team culture.

We are extremely fortunate in our region to have Donna Bouzaid who is a Gold Accredited Coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Donna has taken swimmers to the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, on top of World Swimming Champs events.  Donna is very passionate about swimming and upskilling our regions swimmers and coaches - our camp programmes are another way we can provide personal development sessions for our coaches and this year we saw some of our region's coaches take up this opportunity!

With Winter illnesses taking a hold on some of our swimmers saw the squad reduced to 24 swimmers but nevertheless, they trained like professionals and showed enthusiasm and willingness over the eight pool sessions and two dryland sessions.

Our camp program is another way to prepare swimmers for swimming events outside of our region, giving them a complete away from home experience.  Our survey feedback indicates swimmers thoroughly enjoyed the camp, felt inspired, loved the 'Taranaki team environment' and recommend our camps to others in our region.  This would not be possible without the support of our parents so we thank each and everyone of you for enabling us to provide your swimmers with this experience!