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2020 Taranaki Awards

12 & Under Championships




Fergie and Barbara Strange Cup

12/U 400IM

McKenzie Rowlands (Aquabladz)

Darbyshire Cup

12/U 100m Breaststroke - Female

Monique Wieruszowski (Aquabladz)

David Wright Trophy

12/U 100m Freestyle - Male

Conrad Cleaver (Aquabladz)

Highlands Cup

9/U Female Individual Points

Amber Whitehead (Highlands)

Highlands Cup

9/U Male Individual Points

Jaiah Otene (Stratford)

Stratford Swimming Club Cup

10 yrs Female Individual Points

Libby Keenan (Stratford)

Ray Hepworth Cup

10 yrs Male Individual Points

Jack Rust (Aquabladz)

Okato Swimming Club Cup

11 yrs Female Individual Points

Anahera Martin (Stratford)

NP Aquatics Swimming Club Cup

11 yrs Male Individual Points

Chris Callebaut (Aquabladz)

Aquabladz Taranaki Cup

12 yrs Female Individual Points

Ruby Edwards (Stratford)

John Blanchard Memorial  Trophy

12 yrs Male Individual Points

Conrad Cleaver (Aquabladz)

Swimming Taranaki (Judith Armstong)

12/U Medley Relay - Male


Swimming Taranaki

12/U Medley Relay - Female


Robbie & Beth Low Trophy

12/U Freestyle - Male


Robbie & Beth Low Trophy

12/U Freestyle - Female


Swimming Taranaki

Family Relay

Team Callebaut

Clive Wheeler Trophy

Overall 12/U Club Points





13 & Over Championships



Criterion Cup

Womens 800m Freestyle

Bella Wansbrough (Aquabladz)

Truman Cup

100m Freestyle - Male 14 yrs

Oscar Rust  (Aquabladz)

Belk Memorial Cup

100m Freestyle - Female 14 yrs

Arinka Watson (Aquabladz)

Bennett Cup

Mens 400m Freestyle

Daniel Callebaut (Aquabladz)

Ray Lovett Cup

13 yrs Female - Individual Points

Eva McGeoch (Stratford)

Hawera Swimming Club Cup

13 yrs Male - Individual Points

Daniel Callebaut (Aquabladz)

NP Aquatics Swimming Club Cup

14 yrs Female - Individual Points

Becki Sharrock (Aquabladz)

Ian Russell Cup

14 yrs Male - Individual Points

Oscar Rust (Aquabladz)

Junior Nicholls Memorial Cup

15 yrs Female - Individual Points

Nina Goble (Stratford)

Inglewood Swimming Club Cup

15 yrs Male - Individual Points

Oliver Tippett (Aquabladz)

Aquabladz Taranaki Cup

16/O Male - Individual Points

Brayden Meuli (Aquabladz)

RH Nicholls Memorial Trophy

16/O Female - Individual Points

Sasha Reid (Aquabladz)




Petrie Cup

Overall Club Points from 12/U Champs, Club Relays and Central Swimming Champ




*Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we were unable to hold our 2020 Club Relay Championships 2020

Swimming Taranaki Awards



Taranaki Development Swimmer of the Year – Jack Rust

Taranaki Development Coach of the Year – Gerusio Matonse

Taranaki Age Group Swimmer of the Year – Brayden Meuli

Taranaki Age Group Coach of the Year – Sue Southgate

Taranaki Swimmer of the Year – Zac Reid

Taranaki Coach of the Year – Sue Southgate


Volunteer of the Year – Lisa Goble


Lisa has been an active volunteer at Stratford Swimming Club since 2016. Since joining their club, Lisa has always been found helping out with timekeeping at local inter club meets, championships or helping with any other of the numerous jobs that are involved with swimming. As of the past few seasons, Lisa has become an extremely active member of the Stratford Swimming committee and became their Recorder. She has taken to this job like a duck to water and her efficient manner has made it very easy to get events started on time. Lisa is always prompt and most of the time is the first to the pool on competition day, has deck cards and programmes ready to go, and has set up timekeepers chairs and officials tables before anyone else has arrived.  Lisa is always available to assist with swimming camps and always available to travel away with the swimmers when they head out of town. Quite often she is tasked with preparing the budget and gathering quotes for these trips, in particular NAGS and Springs.  Quite often you can find Lisa busying herself around the Clubrooms, giving it a bit of a clean while waiting for child to finish training.  This year Lisa has also joined the Swimming Taranaki Board just to add a bit more swimming to her life.

Official Of the Year  - Annett Zabel


Annett has been involved with officiating at inter club meet and club champs ever since her children became members of Stratford Swimming Club.  Annett is always present at local meets and regional championships.  She is a qualified IOT, JOS, Starter and Referee.  Annett has also made herself available to officiate at national meets and was involved with the Aquaknights Tri Series.  As expected, Annett is very knowledgeable on the rules of swimming and is always eager to learn and ask questions to develop this knowledge further.

Taranaki Club Coach of the Year – Ashley Ruapera


Ashley returned to swimming seven years ago and began with Aquatot and Learn to Swim classes. Ashley’s ability to relate to and get the best out of the younger swimmers has seen her progress through the differing squads quickly and she now takes Development Flyers and Non competitive squads.  Ashely steps in for head coach with the older squads when needed.  Ashley proves to be an inspiration to the younger swimmers through her own competitive swimming and regularly joins in the morning swimming sessions as well.  Ashley is also more actively involved at inter club meets managing and coaching the younger swimmers and also filling in for the head coach when she is not available as recently seen at the AquaKnights/Taranaki 13 & over meet.  Ashley is constantly upskilling herself through courses and learning from others around her. Ashley has also been away to some Regional Meets with the Flyers.  Ashley has a real focus on technique and maintains enjoyment is important to success.






Gayton Trophy – No recipient this year