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Lucy North

How long have you been swimming for?

I have been swimming competitively for 10 years. I did learn to swim and swam non-competitively for a bit before that as well


What would you consider your greatest achievement?

My biggest achievement in swimming would probably be getting selected to swim for NZ at the 2018 Australian state teams competition in Canberra.



What you enjoy most about swimming?

The sense of achievement when I do something that I didn’t think was possible.



Who is your inspiration and why?

Claudia Kelly – She is always so motivated and determined. She always has a can-do attitude and is prepared to WORK at every training no matter how she is feeling. Also her willingness to help others is impeccable.



What goes through your mind on the starting block?

It doesn’t matter who is standing on the blocks next to me or a few lanes over. Race the clock and focus on skills.



What keeps you motivated in the sport of swimming?

Making myself, and my family proud.



What has been the best piece of advice given to you?

Habits are the building blocks of success. – Jamie turner



Do you have a pre competition ritual? 

Not really, I just don’t like to be too ‘in the zone’. I normally listen to hype music before my main events though.



What would we find you doing when not in the pool?  What are your interests outside of swimming?

Down at the beach either training or just relaxing.


Any advice be to a young competitive swimmer?

Trust and believe in the process. If something doesn’t go your way, accept it, learn from it and let it help you improve in the future.