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Brayden Meuli

How long have you been swimming for?

I have been swimming competitively for 6 years



What would you consider your greatest achievement?

It’s not my greatest achievement but my defining moment was my first major medal at Victorian Champs in Melbourne



What you enjoy most about swimming?

The satisfaction you get when achieving a goal



Who is your inspiration and why?

Zac Reid because he is always at training putting in 110%



What goes through your mind on the starting block?

I am focusing on my start



What keeps you motivated in the sport of swimming?

Setting goals that are hard to accomplish



What has been the best piece of advice given to you?

“Imagine in your dreams how good you can be”- Sue Southgate



Do you have a pre competition ritual? 

Just talking to keep relaxed.



What would we find you doing when not in the pool?  What are your interests outside of swimming?

Watching Netflix or down at the beach in the waves.


Any advice be to a young competitive swimmer?

Just keep working even if your smaller or not as fast as others because your time will come.